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3 Bible Study Tools You Should Have
3 Bible Study Tools You Should Have

You know what is really annoying? You go to highlight that awesome verse in your Bible, and BAM. You realize the ink seeped through the page, and now you can see the highlight on the other side. Now the opposite side just looks weird.

That used to really bother me, so I went on a hunt to find better highlighters!

I’ve also found some other Bible Study tools along the way that I find to be super helpful during my personal devotions. I’ve included these as well to help you out! Let me know what you think!



Crayola Twistables

I love these colored pencils. My mom gave me some back in Junior High for my Bible Studies, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. No sharpening ever! They come in a variety of colors. (Also, don’t buy the kind with the erasers. They are useless. Just use a regular pencil eraser if you need to.) I like these so much better than normal colored pencils, because they don’t go on as darkly and they easy to erase if need be.

Buy your own at Amazon here.


Zebra Pastel Highlighters

I love these highlighters. They go on lightly, are pretty colors, and don’t seep through the page. I originally bought these to use in my Bible, but now I use them for my planner, work items, and anything else I need to use a highlighter.

However, their yellow color is too light. So, my favorite highlighter for my Bible is Sharpie’s Yellow Highlighter. It does seep through the page a little, but it’s easy to see on the page unlike Zebra’s.

Buy Zebra’s Pastel Highlighters on Amazon here. Buy Sharpie’s Yellow Highlighters here.

For more Bible Study supply ideas, follow our Pinterest board!

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