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6 Bible Covers That Will Rock Your Bible
6 Bible Covers That Will Rock Your Bible

Can I be really real with you guys?

Bible Covers are ugly. Like, freakin’ ugly.

They always seem to have some cheezy floral pattern with a calligraphy script of a Bible verse. (NOTE: Bible verses are only cheezy when they are put in those cheezy calligraphy scripts on a cheezy picture of the sky. Yikes.) Don’t Christian companies understand that for modern men and women, we want something more…well, modern?!

So, again, let’s be real here. There’s not a lot of options out there for Bible covers. And unfortunately, a lot of those options stink. So here are some not-so-bad ideas (and also a couple really great ideas) for your next Bible Covers. That way your ideas never have to lay on an ugly Bible cover again. You’re welcome.


01. Christian Art Gifts

02. Christian Art Gifts

03. Zondervan

04. Leatherology

05. Christian Art Gifts

06. Christian Art Gifts

Can you tell I really like Christian Art Gifts’ covers? I personally own #5 and I love it. It is not real leather, but it looks like it is and it’s a nice material. It makes my Bible look ultra-hipster, which I’m OK with. The handle makes it easy to carry, and it also comes with two holders for pens. Awesome!

(Maybe one day, we at Deep Roots will design our own Bible covers that will be the most modern ones out there. But unfortunately, today is not that day!)

What Bible covers do you like? Tell me in the comments!

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