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6 Sights Every Christian Must See
6 Sights Every Christian Must See

If you’re like me, a vacation or a trip is something you desperately look forward to. I always wish I travelled more, fueling that desire by creating endless amounts of Pinterest boards of places I want to see or go.

I have a couple places on my list that I definitely want to see that are Christian-related. If you’re looking for some vacation ideas that will deepen your faith and educate you at the same time, here are my top 6 suggestions:

06. The Holy Land Experience (Orlando, Florida)

I actually didn’t know about this place until recently. The Holy Land Experience is part museum, part amusement park. Just 26 minutes away from Walt Disney World, the Holy Land is in the hub of Orlando’s amusement parks area. You can watch Bible story shows, like the life of Jesus, or walk through exhibits like the Wilderness Tabernacle. We didn’t have time to go here while we were in Orlando last week, but I would definitely try to go on a future trip.

05. The Creation Museum (San Diego, California)

The Creation Museum is pretty small, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth a see. Each room walks you through the history of our universe, with evidence of a Divine Creator. The rooms are elaborate and offer insightful information. If you’re in California like us, this will probably be a day trip on a Saturday.


04. The Creation Museum (Kentucky)

I believe Kentucky’s Creation Museum is not run by the same company as California’s. Kentucky’s is run by Answers in Genesis, a great resource if you want to read teleological evidence for God as the Creator. This Museum is far more elaborate than the previous museums, with a life-size Ark (see above), a “Christmas Town”, a Noah’s Cafe, and plenty of exhibits. This one’s on my bucket list for sure.


03. L’Abri (Switzerland)

L’Abri was founded by Francis Schaeffer and his wife Edith in 1955. From their website: “The L’Abri communities are study centers in Europe, Asia and America where individuals have the opportunity to seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life. L’Abri believes that Christianity speaks to all aspects of life.” The original L’Abri center is in Switzerland, but you can probably find a center in your country on their website. For two to three months, you will stay in the L’Abri center, discussing apologetics and philosophy with others. (Attendees do not have to be Christians, albeit I don’t really understand why anyone who is not a Christian would want to stay there. It seems from their website that most attendees are in fact Christians.) If you love discussing ideas and worldviews with others, this might float your boat.


02. Paul’s Missionary Journeys (Turkey, Greece, Rome)

Now we’re getting into the good stuff. If you’ve done any of our Acts Bible studies, you should definitely consider taking a trip to the Mediterranean area to see the sights of Paul’s missionary journeys. Many Israel trips, for example, offer a bonus package to lead you through Paul’s journeys afterward. Your church might also provide trips to this area, with your pastor as the guide. You can also backpack this area or travel with friends/family as a vacation. Definitely worth a see.


01. Israel

What would a Christian sights guide be without Israel?! I cannot believe I still haven’t been here. I’m considering going with Messianic Journeys, which my church partners with. Can you imagine going on a Israeli tour with a Messianic Rabbi? They, in my opinion, offer deeper insight into the biblical text, since they look at it from a Messianic/Jewish perspective, as the Bible should be seen. When my sister went to Israel, Marty Goetz told her that she should come back to Israel and do a road trip through Israel with her friends visiting the wineries. Pure Heaven.


What about you? Do you know any other Christian sights? Which of these do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.

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