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Learning Hebrew: Kids Videos That Actually Help
Learning Hebrew: Kids Videos That Actually Help

I’ve decided that I really want to learn Hebrew. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to speak in fluent Hebrew in Israel? Or read the Old Testament in its original language? Call me a Bible nerd, but that gets me really excited.

Thankfully, my best friends speak Hebrew and are helping me along the way. I’ll check in here over time with resources that help me as I learn how to speak this amazing language. Join me along the way, as we learn to appreciate what I call “God’s language.”

Here are some videos that have really helped me thus far learn my Hebrew Alpha Bet. (Not to be confused with the English “alphabet”) Watch them – they really do help.

Did these videos help you learn your Alpha Bet? Do you have any other resources that have helped? Let me know in the comments!

Also keep up with all of our Hebrew ideas, by following our Pinterest board here.

P.S. The cover photo for this post is actually from Israel. Big thanks to my sister for taking it!

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