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Our Shavuot / Pentecost Party
Our Shavuot / Pentecost Party

Over the past week, we’ve told you about what Shavuot is, and the reasons why you should celebrate it. Shavuot was last night, so we gathered together with friends to celebrate this important Jewish holiday.

The party was hosted by Daniel and Vanessa Chicas of Dedition & Victory Photography. We started the celebration by partaking in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, like black figs, cheeses, almonds, and dried apricots.



Afterward, with the sounds of Jewish music playing in the background, we enjoyed a fresh cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It is a tradition in the Jewish faith to enjoy cheesecake – or any kind of related dairy dessert – on Shavuot.



After eating, several people presented the different aspects of Shavuot. I talked about Shavuot in the Old Testament Law; Daniel, our host, talked about how Jesus fulfilled the Law; Rico, one of our friends, explained how we can love under the “law of Christ”; and Jon, another friend and a youth pastor at Iglesia Calvario, talked about the significance of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.



The party was a perfect time of fellowship and discussion! Shavuot is such a great reminder of how Christ is our “firstfruits”, and a remembrance to tithe our time, resources, and money.

You might be wondering why in the above photos I’m wearing a leaf wreath on my head. I had seen this idea on Pinterest, as a representation of the firstfruits of the harvest for Shavuot. However, I didn’t have any grain laying around to make a grain wreath, so I used leaves as a symbol I’ve been making flower crowns for years now, so it’s just the same concept to make the wreath of leaves. I originally learned how to make them here on Lauren Conrad’s website. I also made a Pentecost hat that I had seen on Pinterest, to represent the tongues of fire coming over the disciples in Acts 2. (Rico is wearing it in the above photo) You can learn how to make the hat here!


Did you guys celebrate Shavuot yesterday? If so, what did you do?

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