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Some Big Changes at Deep Roots Bible Studies...
Some Big Changes at Deep Roots Bible Studies...

Hey guys,

It's Felicity Lorenz, owner of Deep Roots Bible Studies. I'm both excited and nervous to share this big news with you all, our amazing followers and customers. Running Deep Roots for over a year now has been a rewarding yet challenging journey. Now, we are taking an even bigger step...a new name!

This may seem weird. Why would we just suddenly shift gears like this? Trust me, a lot of prayer and discussions went into this process. Eventually, we realized that the best thing for our business would be to change names. Here's why: (1) We thought if we ever wanted to broaden our scope of products (which we do!), we couldn't keep going by "Deep Roots Bible Studies" anymore. Although I named our business after Psalm 1 concerning the man of God who is like a planted tree, the phrase "deep roots" is common vernacular and a common business name. So, we couldn't remove "Bible Studies" and just shorten our name to "Deep Roots," because we would be fighting in search rankings with every agriculture, whole nutrition, etc. company called "Deep Roots." (2) Our goal is to get more people deep into God's Word, so what better way to capture that vision than a name that is inherently biblical?

So our new name is "Sho.resh"! A couple weeks ago, we explained on our social media what the word shoresh means, as we were preparing for this transition. Shoresh is simply the Hebrew word for "deep roots"! In fact, the Hebrew characters in our logo actually is shoresh! Win win all around. (By the way, we put a dot in the middle to make the name look more hip :)) You pronounce it "sho-resh" - it's pronounced the way it's spelled.

What does this mean going forward?

  • Our logo will look a little different now, as it will include our new name and deep roots on the bottom. Eventually our logo will just say "Sho.resh."
  • Our new domain name will be, but will still work!
  • We will finally be able to broaden our products base (Christian t-shirts! Highlighters! Bible cases! Pens! Notebooks!). I'm so excited to bring you all more resources to help you get deeper into God's Word.

BY THE WAY, we will be launching some great deals on our studies for the holidays, as well as launching a full Advent series. We are really excited to launch these, so stay tuned! You'll hear all about it next week.

If you have any questions, whether about our new name or just life questions in general (I'm brimming full of wisdom ;) just kidding!), shoot me a line! Just write a comment below and I'll get back to you.


Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


May the Lord bless you,

Felicity Lorenz
Owner of Deep Roots Bible Studies Sho.resh

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