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Christians and Film: Navigating Cinema with Trey Anthony
Christians and Film: Navigating Cinema with Trey Anthony

Our latest Deep Roots Broadcast episode features Trey Anthony from T.V. Trey podcast! Trey is a self-proclaimed "cinephile". He has written film reviews for publications like Odyssey Online and Greeks Under Grace, as well as worked for a number of film productions like Baba G Productions, Silver Pictures, Weekend Feature Films, King's Studio, American Film Institute, and Windward Productions.

In this episode, Trey and Felicity answer questions like: Should Christians watch horror or graphic films? Should Christians go to a Christian movie just because it is Christian?

Trey also analyzes a number of films in the episode, including Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, Passion of the Christ, God's Not Dead 1 & 2, The Prince of Egypt, and The Nativity Story.

Podcast Details:
Intro Song: Ta’amu by Miqedem Owner: Felicity Lorenz
Duration: 00:46:04 Category: Religion & Spirituality
Description: Orange County-based podcast that discusses God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in a direct, transparent way. Our mission is to have discussions that (1) edify Christian millennials, and (2) give space for difficult topics to be discussed and wrestled with. This podcast is an extension of the Christian company sho.resh
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