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Loneliness: A Modern Day Leprosy
Loneliness: A Modern Day Leprosy

Isolation. Rejection. Betrayal.

Jesus himself experienced these human emotions during his time on earth. Isolation in the desert, rejection in his hometown, betrayal from one of his own.

Even in the church today, it is not completely uncommon for such mistreatment to take place. Join Felicity and Jeremiah as they discuss her experience in the church and offer some Biblical perspective.

Podcast Details:
Intro Song: Ta’amu by Miqedem Owner: Felicity Lorenz
Duration: 00:47:34 Category: Religion & Spirituality
Description: Orange County-based podcast that discusses God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in a direct, transparent way. Our mission is to have discussions that (1) edify Christian millennials, and (2) give space for difficult topics to be discussed and wrestled with. This podcast is an extension of the Christian company sho.resh
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