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Meditation: A Discussion on How to Enrich Our Time With God
Meditation: A Discussion on How to Enrich Our Time With God

When Felicity and Jeremiah discuss meditation, we do not want you to imagine yourself in a temple somewhere in a mountain range with burning incense and meditation beads repeating “hummmmsss” and “oooohhhhsss.” Meditation can really welcome God to speak into our lives in ways we have not heard him before. Whether it be for a class assignment at University or learned through personal experience, Felicity and Jeremiah share different exercises that really enriched our time with the Lord in practicing the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Join Felicity and Jeremiah in our discussion about meditation.


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Intro Song: Ta’amu by Miqedem Owner: Felicity Lorenz
Duration: 00:36:17 Category: Religion & Spirituality
Description: Orange County-based podcast that discusses God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in a direct, transparent way. Our mission is to have discussions that (1) edify Christian millennials, and (2) give space for difficult topics to be discussed and wrestled with. This podcast is an extension of the Christian company sho.resh
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  • Thank you so much for sharing, Sharon! I am so happy to hear that the post encourages people to dig deeper, as opposed to remaining on a surface level. Let us know if you discover any helpful tips in your journaling time that you experienced to be beneficial ?

    Jeremiah Chandler
  • I really love this! It draws the line between “journaling” and meditation. I’m all for journaling a writing down my thoughts but I think, meditation, the way it’s described here takes you deeper into the word and helps you dig deer, rather than scratching the surface of what you you liked, or understood.