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Missions in Wales: A Conversation with Joy Williams
Missions in Wales: A Conversation with Joy Williams

Join Felicity and special guest Joy Williams as they discuss the Christian community in Wales, and how we can support them. Joy also teaches us some Welsh along the way!

Organizations and resources for serving in the United Kingdom mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Linguae Christi (Their “Celtic Languages Team” subdivision, which Joy served with, has its own website, too)
  2. Greater Europe Mission (GEM)
  3. A New Mission to Wales by David Ollerton (Link to Amazon for U.S. users to purchase)

For anyone wanting to learn more about Christianity in Wales and current prayer requests:

  1. Waleswide (click for prayer points)


Podcast Details:
Intro Song: Ta’amu by Miqedem Owner: Felicity Lorenz
Duration: 00:38:39 Category: Religion & Spirituality
Description: Orange County-based podcast that discusses God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in a direct, transparent way. Our mission is to have discussions that (1) edify Christian millennials, and (2) give space for difficult topics to be discussed and wrestled with. This podcast is an extension of the Christian company sho.resh
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