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Spiritual Dryness: Dry Spells, Wilderness, and the Dark Night of the Soul
Spiritual Dryness: Dry Spells, Wilderness, and the Dark Night of the Soul

Do you find yourself feeling unheard, confused or even unwanted? You pray but feel like you talk to a wall with no responses, leaving unheard and unseen? These are all real, and sometimes painfully heavy questions we find ourselves faced with amidst our spiritual life. Moreover, it can seem helpless when we find that we have no outlets or people we can talk about our struggles with without being judged, misunderstood, and faced with strong opposition blaming us for our season of difficulty.

Join Felicity and Jeremiah as they share some personal stories when faced with spiritual dryness. Through our struggles, we hear God’s voice in ways we had not before, leading us to some detailed research and insight from friends and professors. You are not alone in your dry seasons and we are here to talk about it.


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Intro Song: Ta’amu by Miqedem Owner: Felicity Lorenz
Duration: 00:22:16 Category: Religion & Spirituality
Description: Orange County-based podcast that discusses God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in a direct, transparent way. Our mission is to have discussions that (1) edify Christian millennials, and (2) give space for difficult topics to be discussed and wrestled with. This podcast is an extension of the Christian company sho.resh
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